am on medical leave today. was so weak, i didn’t even set my out of office till moments ago.

in the last 24 hours, the dustbin and the toilet bowl were my best friends. i vomited everything that went into my mouth. i kept throwing up, my stomach had bad cramps and it sure felt like i was dying.

and i was in bed for the past 16 hours, trying to sleep and wriggling between bout of pain, tumbling around trying to find a comfortable position in relation to the pain, battling a fever and constant shivering and forcing some liquid with hydrating salts to keep my sanity.

saw the doctor last night after work, and he ordered no food in my diet till i feel much better and no gulping of water as well. only tiny sips of water. it’s like dieting but i hope i dont lose my boobs.

the doctor suspected a stomach infection or possibly food poisoning. the funny part is that i didnt had the runs and my stomach was really bloated with loads of air.

the boy has been really good, sleeping without the aircon and checking on me every other hour or when i tumble too much in bed. i didnt manage to rest much, and am still feeling as weak now. the urge of vommiting is gone (because there’s nothing in my stomach), but i feel like a bloated balloon still.

my favourite ru yu oil has failed to ease me of my bloatedness for the first time ever despite me slathering a whole lot of it on my tummy. i hope i get out of it soon. i have so much work to clear..

nibbling on some green grapes now and i hope that stays in.

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