here’s a shot of the afternoon view.

I am totally loving my phone and the view. just for record, I have been good. I stayed in room the whole day except to buy lunch (had bread in the morning) and had Olympics on tv for.accompany. I tried to nap, but oh boy.. my phone kept ringing/beeping and it irritated the hell outta me. even the hubby got chided by me when he called like 4 times this afternoon. #firstworldpain


I mean, I know he meant well, so did everyone.else that beeped me.. but I was trying to nap! lol. so yeah, thank everyone that poured their concern after seeing my earlier post. I am fine and kinda enjoying it. the time alone without the.need to look after the baby. just so you know, it rocks. having this peace and all the time to myself. 


here’s 2 happy photos as evidence!

of cos my hair dont look like that now. i took these right after my shower when I headed out for lunch. lol.


oh. oh. and here’s my lunch.

carrot cake, white rice, Buddha jumps over the wall soup, mango, kiwi and strawberries and a papaya (clockwise direction). this meal costume $18.10 and its from the food court!!


yeah. happy girl.


p.s. I posted this on Wednesday afternoon but I didn’t realise that the entry didn’t get uploaded until now!