i am finally home from the camping ground! the air here feels so much fresher!!


for a few hours only, that is. i have to make my way back to the camping ground later. the plans of me hitting home last night was thwarted when wei changed his mind about driving me home and insisted i look ok in the clothes that i was in.

crashed into the karaoke room to meet the gang, but wei wasnt feeling too well and we left after a while. spent the rest of the night discussing plans about moving house with the brother and the mum. and NO! im not getting married, not registering and im definitely not gonna pay for the new house with my CPF even though, the mother suggested it.

i secretly think she’s crazy to even ask how much CPF i had. i stared at wei and then at his brother, who came to my rescue saying that we arent even registered as a couple. i guess the mum was hoping that i move in with them if i marry wei.. and pay for the executive mansionette she was eyeing.

it’s really not abt the money. it’s abt the lifestyle i desire and the freedom i seek. and my plans for having a small family, coming home to the husband. just the both of us, enjoying household chores together etc. u know, like a little nest that’s purely ours? as much as i know that wei has an obligation to the parents, i really hope that the wish would come true despite knowing that marriage is a tricky affair that involves everyone else. and also the fact, that i cannot stand staying with the mother, unless i set the rules and she follows them which is totally wrong to even think like that. besides i really really cannot stand any infringement of my privacy, which includes staring at what i am doing at the computer and reading off whatever that i am reading/typing and passing unsolicited comments.

that’s prob one of the reasons why i am NOT even thinking/planning about getting married.

the last coupla days threw my bioclock into a frantic mess. i sleep at weird hours, struggle to wake too, forcing myself to stare at the computer and doing something to keep myself occupied even tho my mind is very very much knocking into dreamland. i didnt blog much cos i couldnt think straight, and i felt uneasy blogging there knowing that someone might see what i want to write in a locked post, and the contents just didnt seemed right in that house.

mum just told me that it has been very noisy for the last few days, due to the corridor renovations. so, it just might be a good thing that i was camping elsewhere. here’s what i experienced while trying to come home earlier. was so worried that i might fall, cos my leg is not able to bend too much, especially from coming down a really high step at the stairs.

and some random shots taken with yh while we were poking our noses around everywhere in the malls.

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