this is where the boy brought me to for a belated birthday dinner celebration..

and i so fell for it when he told me we are having dinner at vivocity. brotzeit came to my mind when he mentioned vivo. and i fell asleep on the journey there.. the boy must be thinking that he could spring a surprise on me when i wake in a foreign place.. but i woke up just when he drove past vivo and i told him that he missed the turn to the carpark.

and surprise! surprise!

it’s prive at marina keppel bay. and urgh. i knew jennifer was the mastermind behind this venue because it was one of our thoroughly discussed venues and one of those that i had intended to use for my events (for work) previously.

we started the dinner with a beer for the man and red wine for me. i would love to polish off a bottle of red wine had we not have to drive back home. besides, the boy is more of a beer drinker than a wine lover.

we ordered our mains – steak for me and rabbit(!) for the man, coupled with a hokkaido scallop starter and a mesclun salad on the side. the food was okay (only), and i was not really enjoying the dinner and the (lack of) scenery because it was warm and i was hot and sticky. even tho we had alfresco seats, the view was blocked by a row of bushes/plants and all i could see was other diners and this couple with a nice bouquet of flowers and a huge present.

the rabbit was particularly interesting, but not very tasty IMO, and the 2 puny pieces hardly left the boy full. my steak was done perfectly pink and it was tender and juicy and i guess that has got to be the most value-for-money dish for the night. we ended the dinner with a molten chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream for dessert and sat around chatting the night away while sipping our beer and wine.

the bill was a whooping $200+ for the amount of food we ate. no, it didnt come as a surprise to me. but seriously, i rather go morton’s anytime based on the food quality.

we ended the night with a slow stroll along the harbour, taking in the breeze, and the still air of the night before rushing off home to prepare for the bestie’s wedding the next day.

and well, we did a detour to rocher bean curd and grabbed some for supper! it’s one of my comfort/happy food! and a must-have if i passed by the area!

ended the night happy and contended and the boy score some brownie points for effort! errmm.. more brownie points for the rocher beancurd!

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