great. i got my eee pc perched on my lap with my dongle for internet connection. it’s like the perfect opportunity to blog, and yet, everything that’s running through my mind are stuff like…

is my mum ok? am i ok? what about my aunts and uncles?

just for the record, i knocked off work late today, went for dinner and before i could even make my way home.. brother called to say mum is running a fever and it has been raging for quite a day.

got home, took her temperature and asked if she had the usual symptoms. temperature 39.3 and even without all the symptoms, i brought her to tan tock seng hospital.. and that’s where i am now. with der waiting in the car at the carpark.

in all the rush and flurry of activities, i left my mobile phone at home, and my spare phone just died. sitting here, my imagination is running really wild!

the BIGGEST question is – is my family hit with THE flu?

well.. i can’t say we have the best travel history.. with my grandpa’s birthday last week.. the family flew all over from new york, seattle, KL, singapore to gather for the big occasion. flight travels is rampant considering the many many connecting flights that some has to take. and not to mention the recent hk travel.

well, at least i have been vigilant and have been taking my temperature daily, since the folks came, when i was in HK and now, for the past week. havent detected any fever on myself thus far, but battling a rather nasty dry cough. and oh yes, the bottle of dettol disinfectant on my office desk has been rather useful too.

i just sent msn offline messages out to the family on my msn list (they are all still sleeping due to the time difference), telling them about my mun’s fever. well, if you guys are reading this, please monitor yourselves and take your temperature twice daily.

now, im just hoping it’s just some random, isolated fever incident caused by fatigue from the flurry of activities in the past 2 weeks and the lack of rest.

hmmm.. will i still be able to work tomorrow? I have activities going on.. and it looks like i am just going to spend the night waiting at the a&e department.

good thing i grab my niffy eee pc before i stepped out.

and don’t worry. my mind has been busy thinking about the list of people that i have been in contact for the past 5 days.. and i hope i am just being super paranoid.

on a side note, its annoying seeing people not wearing their mask properly in the “patients with temperature” zone at the hospital. there is a reason why you are given a mask. I feel lke fishing out my camera, snapping a picture of their faces and posting them here to show the world their irresponsible faces. urgh!

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