Ok. Can i officially say my life is screwed up at this point of time? I cannot juggle e work, the expectations of my boss of me, support e 4 colleagues that’s on leave on top of my self-imposed obligations about turning up and helping out at e funeral?

This morning, i woke at 9am. The time i am supposed to start work. Doesn’t help when my entire department is almost empty, so my absence is being played up. So, into my boss room i went for a butter spread and i don’t know why.. I just broke down. I had wanted to be on time for work. I didn’t want or asked to be late, and neither could i inform my boss way beforehand that i’ll be late. As in inform her e night before or way before 9am. If i could do that, i could jolly well be on time right?

Anyway, it’s been a hectic day. I am heading for a party tonight. Simon’s party to be exact. At st. James. Will still be popping by e funeral after. I just hope my bod can take it, and will my throat stop irritating me? I’m coughing till my temples hurt. This is REAL bad.

I just don’t know how to take care of myself. *sigh*

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