i seriously have no energy to post much here these days. the work is getting extremely hectic for the new year, since most contracts end and start during this period of time. it doesnt help when there is post christmas mess to clear.

my last 5 days has been an emo coaster ride.

everyone has been thanking everyone else for the gifts. i reckon i should dish out some thanks before i fall into the harsh ritual of work, eat, study, sleep for the next 2 weeks or so and forget abt giving thanks.

ok, here goes. MANY THANKS to..

sweetie – for the bouquet of tulips and o.d.m watch + additional strap
belle – sweets, et, oakley casing, jap charm n sumo keychain from japan
my boss – chocolates
jean – bear ornament
winnie (office gift exchange) – semi precious stones thing (for warding off evil + 小人)

and not shown in the pictures..
jeremy – for offering to pay 1/2 of the tiffany ring i was hoping to get (and no, i refused the offer) and an expensive dinner last week
wenjing – pink fluffy pig + part sponsorship of a epilator
shuyu – part sponsorship of epilator
ivy – chanel nail polish in sahara beige
jasmine – hello kitty coin purse from hk

and cards from the following..

and sms/email greetings from a whole lot of other friends!

thanks everyone, for filling my life with little joys and heart warming messages.

it’s been a fun-filled christmas.