i just showed kenties a picture i took in japan when i visited mt fuji. he asked,”is that you?”.. and “really?” when i answered positively.

and then.. he proclaimed,”YOU ARE SO SKINNNNNNNNNNNNNY!”

u know, i have been thinking. i always say im fat. because the people around me tells me so. my mum restricts the stuff i eat because she thinks im getting fatter and fatter. she always screams,”dont eat anymore, wait you become fatter and fatter!”

my bro, forever laughing at my huge tummy and tease me whenever it decides to peek out of my top. and often adding the comment,”you are getting fatter and fatter!”

when i was in spain last year and in the states this year, my aunt told me that im getting fatter. my tummy is definitely bulging beneath my clothes.

the last time i went wakeboarding with pei, ray and ant, ant was teasing me and poking his fingers at my tummy. he said, he didnt realise i had a tummy.

wei is constantly telling me that im fat.

i cannot fit into any of my size 24 levis jeans anymore. surely that’s a good indication that i have grown fat.

so, am i right to think i am fat?

i know, by the societal standards, i am still very much a skinny bitch. and thousands would want to kill me if i tell them in the face that i think im fat. according to the height, weight and age measure, i am underweight. according to BMI indication, i just met the minimal amount to be categorised as normal.

but, tell me. how to think i am not fat when there are so many (close) people in your life telling you otherwise?!?!

mich said,”u aint fat. u just need to tone.”

i think what she said makes the most sense. but then, its quite senseless to a lazy me.

ok, im blabbering nonsense again. im sure u guys can tell what boredom is doing to me now. woodbridge hospital, here i come.

and oh. talking abt woodbridge. i think the name’s changed. to something real cool. shit. i cant remember. something green. machiam like condo name! wei & me was laughing our heads off the other day when we passed by.