sorry for the radio silence this week. am a little burnt out from the kids and everything else. am also losing my patience with them and wish i could get a little time out.


so yeah, here’s my wednesday in snapshots. i know. friday is beckoning in a few minutes as i type this, but better late than never?

shit happens. i was changing jerome on my bed when he decided to pee..and while i was containing the pee, he pooped at the same time.. so it was a mess. so yeah, shit happens and i change sheets and did the laundry.

managed to squeeze 2 minutes to cook myself a quick instant noodle lunch before i die of hunger.

bath time. jerome was bathed earlier when the pee/poop on bed happened.

jerry gets koko crunch as snacks after his bath.

goes down for his nap after like ages.


daddy came home early and we packed off for a swim!

happy bumblebee in the pool.

my pot of dinner.


i feel bad for towards jerome. realised i didnt really take much pictures of him and not a single one on wednesday! ok. random. nights.


p.s. the day looks simple but there were a lot more going on! like feeding the kids.