someone has discovered the fun of the decoding my iPhone.


I don’t usually give jerry my phone to play. he calls its ‘apple’! not because its an apple phone, but I sometimes play the phonics song on my phone for him so he always remember the song as apple.


I left my phone on the bed the other day and went about doing my stuff. when I look up, the kid was happily pressing the phone and he has managed to disable my phone for 1 min.


didn’t manage to snatch back the phone so I took a picture as evidence instead.


to show the hubby how ‘naughty’ his kid is..


the kid has been up to weird antics and stealing a lot of food from the dining table. just the other day, he was quite silent and we were all wondering what he was doing.. turns out, he climbed into the computer chair, pushed it near the dining table and grab the cheese bread that my mother left on the table, plonked himself down to savour the steal.

the kid is quite smart, he only eat the cheese and threw the bread on the ground…… -_-”

in total enjoyment.


we have also found him secretly stealing fruits like pineapples and prunes from the table as well. smart kid. but my mum doesnt seemed to have learnt any lesson about not leaving things on the table!