wei has gotten himself a new companion and im totally JEALOUS! ok. it’s a puppy that his ex-colleague gave him. 6 months old puppy who is a cross breed between cocker spaniel & shih tzu.

i first saw it on friday, after wei had it for 3 weeks! he had sent me an mms of the puppy and i demanded that he name it cookie. dont ask me why, that came to my mind the moment i saw the mms! i think cos it reminds of cookies and cream ice cream!

i wish i could have seen the pup earlier.. it’s so cute! I havent been to anyone’s house lately due to the 100 days rule, but wei decided to hack it (despite my violent objections) on friday night cos he was TOO knackered to drive me home, plus i couldnt drive the car home cos he had a meeting early next morning.

and so, i met the little doggie for the first time and im so in love!

the adorable fur ball is such a quiet little thing, with thick and long lashes. he sleeps quietly by the bedside and licks you non stop. when i woke in the morning, he sat up and laid his head on my hand (on the bed), and looks at me lovingly, as though asking for a stroke/pat. i SOOooOOoo want to hug him onto the bed and sleep with me, except that the bed’s outta bounds.

needless to say, i already bought him lotsa toys and snacks. heee.. he’s gonna be my pampered little kid. wei’s also quite jealous for the fact that cookie ran and jumped when i called him, but he doesnt respond to wei when he calls him cookie. Wahahahaa.. *ROFL*

on a sad note, wei’s mum hates the dog and nags non stop. im sorry to say this… but she’s really quite a bitch to deal with. 🙁

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