this email cracks me up on a friday night.


Greetings to my wonderful partners-in-crime last year,

It’s time that one of the partners-in-crime has decided to turn straight and leave us… hence, I need to organise a farewell dinner to have a blast of a time, and enjoy the fun times together (though i am pretty sure it won’t be the LAST!) and of course, GET A FREE DINNER TREAT! (joking lah!)

We will have to start missing our partner after the 12 May…… So, to all the invitees in the list… may i have the honour to propose the following dates for a possible meet up?

1. 4th May 2007 (Friday), 7pm
2. 11th May 2007 (Friday), 7pm

The venue is to be confirmed, but please kindly let me know which day you can make it and I shall send out the details soon!


I’ll send out the confirmed details after I have talks with our BIG gang bro (SIM) and his indian partner (no prize for guessing!).

Also, a favor is needed. Please keep news of the dinner within the invitees list (we don’t want to be hacked by other gangs!). Thank you.

And yes, in case u have been wondering.. our dear ah ma has grown too old (memory loss probably) and decided that she doesn’t like her nice little cosy room on the 2nd storey of our little building, and wants to go build sandcastles by the beach. (ok, joking lah. working at 8.30pm will drive the little GIRL – ME nuts)

Please. Let me say this AGAIN. MEH MEH REPLY ME HOR!! (eh, indian.. for your sake, it means fast fast reply ok?!)


i wrote it, by the way.

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