the festive period is a bad time to catch up on my blog entries since I have so much work to do – housework/cleaning up the house, serving my elders, being the unofficial official photographer. last night, when i had the most free time, i spent hours going through my mobile hard disk and pulling out the family pictures to be plonk into the 15″ digital photo frame that my uncle bought.

6 months ago, the family gathered for grandpa’s birthday and we took a road trip to malacca that i totally forgot to blog about. it was a rather stressful trip but a good attempt as we got everyone else out of the house for a good family trip. the first ever, in my memories with both grandma and grandpa.

it was stressful because we went in 2 cars with my brother and me being the driver. he who drives too fast, and me in a newly minted car and i cannot go beyond 80km/hr so as to let the car run in.

my god. it’s quite a disaster with annoying gps leading us silly. we knew the way but against our best instincts, the gps instructed otherwise and we went up turning in circles and circles and geting confused.

we went to the town, had the famous chicken rice balls for lunch, drove around the area for sight seeing, hit the malls for some shopping and we went to the zoo! we didn’t really manage to walk around the touristy areas and get down for some photos because the place was packed, the heat was unbearable and my grandma was in a wheelchair, so we just drove around and around.

Ooh, we did manage to stop the car and have a whole lot of good durian during the period. Here are the pictures!

the funniest thing about the food is that I took pictures of EVERYTHING except the chicken! feel like smacking myself for it. that huge packet of teh-o iced limau is the best drink ever. my favourite drink whenever i am in our neighbouring country.

check out this shop.. does it look familiar to you?

we were driving and spotted a durian vendor by the side of the road, and just like how the family would react, we just stopped the car, parked it in the shade and everyone got down to haggle at the durian prices. think my grandma is great, she could just tell if the durian is good just by looking at the spikes and she’s sucha hard haggler and she makes sure she gets it at the right price. guess that’s the power of someone who manages durian plantations half her life.

my grumpy face was because there’s a big fat worm in my durian! my aunt is smiling herself silly with the durian and i also spotted some interesting looking seeds that looks like baby coconuts but they aren’t. think my mum would know what they are..

and lastly, the zoo! when was the last time that you went to a zoo with the family? i last i went was in seattle with my uncle, but we are both zoo/animal fans and just the 2 of us doesn’t quite count as a family gathering.

Hmmm… now i wonder when the next trip like this will happen? there are so many small towns in msia that i haven’t explored.

maybe we should plan something like that every year to make things interesting and something that everyone would look forward to. but, who is going to plan? Hee.

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