i have been secretly praying that the baby won’t pop out that soon because i very last minute decided to sign myself up for a maternity shoot to capture some memories of this pregnancy.

because it’s so last minute, i haven’t really done my research and really think about how i want the shoot to be. i enlisted der’s help in checking out some maternity shoot packages, decided on one, made an appointment that fit into our schedule and viola, the next thing we know.. we are on set.

we did the shoot yesterday morning, the only saturday that’s available since our antenatal class ended last weekend, and being totally clueless on what to expect, i think the pictures came out rather nice! errrm.. i ended up buying the entire CD of pictures just for memory’s sake.

here’s some of my favourites. warning, pictures heavy!

well, the boy insisted on having a “watch” version of copy.

well, the last one was taken nude.. there’s another semi nude picture that i love, but i won’t share till i get the edited ones from the photographer.

and in case you are keen in the maternity shoot, i had them taken at the studio loft . considering that the shoot was done mostly in au naturale state, i think it’s pretty well done though there are shots where i think i look totally FAT (unsightly double chin, fat arms etc) but then again, i guess the focus is on the tummy where jerry is wriggling in most of the time.

ok. running late for my dinner date. am outta here!

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