Had been suffering from headaches and dizzy spells for no apparent reason these days.. Finally trooped to the doc’s yesterday and he couldn’t diagnose what’s the cause of it.. So we had a chat.. About my lifestyle.. My free time activities, working hour, nature of work etc.. And his conclusion?

Do you want a MC tomorrow? I think you need to relax and NOT think about work. I thought it’s hilarious because i just came back from a holiday.

But he went.. it’s not relaxing when you constantly think about work, even when you are on holiday!

I rejected the MC, so i’m now pills. =S

I really didn’t think i’m stressed….

Happy things! I’m gonna take part in a company bowling competition in the afternoon! The last time i played? At least 5 years ago.. And bowling never was my kind of sport. Anyway, i was roped in one of the teams and i’m just gonna go have fun!

Now.. That should be relaxing right? I really shouldn’t be thinking about how i’ll be finishing my work on time since i’ll be off the entire afternoon…

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