they smell damn good when all your colleagues are eating it.. but when you make a cup for yourself and sink your teeth into those ‘plasticky’ noodles, they taste crap.

and i got scolding from everyone in the office for choosing tom yum flavour.

my stomach’s aint better and i had a hard time trying to keep the lunch in this afternoon. and then, i keep going to the toilet. feeling constipated! makes me think if my colons are working fine.

anyway, the tom yum makes me want to burp a lot. which is good in some sense because I have been feeling bloated with a lot of wind. but god knows if i’ll suffer much later.

ok. back to work. i hate staring at the pile of work. or rather, the pile of work staring at me. whichever makes sense to you.

will 27 september be tomorrow please? i want to jet away on a holiday…

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