my colleague, Beverly left the team last friday. the office is been quite quiet and missing quite a bit of cheer. i think it stems from her youth (she’s the youngest in the team) and her beverly bubberly nature. I also love to tease her to bits so work has been kinda boring without her. nonetheless, i’m sure we will remain as friends!! or maybe its a one-sided thinking cos she doesnt want to keep me. well, im too old and not much fun. hahah.

the sweet girl baked the team a cake as a farewell gift!

filled with loads of love and strawberries

the sweet, young thing in the team. (guys, she’s single!)

and of cos, being her last day.. the team had a bit of fun on the office! it was a official early release friday for the company, but everyone stayed behind for some fun.

Bev & Sharon

Bev & Eyleen


selfies with instax

with her bff in the office, jena.

trying to be funny.

everyone of us. this. is. embarrassing. but extremely funny not to post. we were trying to imitate some stylish weird poses of a group of people, but obviously #fail.

a proper shot of the team. missing a few headcounts.

and a bunch of instaxs as memories.

i’m kinda feeling nostalgia, triggered by her departure. i’m up next to leave the team and is currently waiting it out for a new hire + handover period. i have requested for a transfer to another team with a different portfolio to learn and do something different, and hopefully, better hours for the family and kids. has it been almost 5 years??! i didn’t think i was around for that long! i will definitely miss the fun colleagues in this team (and my precious window seat that lets me have the natural sunlight at my desk).

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