here’s some picture of the pocket-ripping haircut that i did. ok. it’s not the haircut that killed my bank account. it was the treatment that i did. i agreed with the treatment solely cos i didnt think it would be that expensive. since i always get my hair rebonded and cut there at very reasonable prices, it didnt occur to me to ask for the price of the treatment.

besides, i know both the owners of the salon and almost all the staff there personally due to some link.

yihui is extremely pleased with her haircut and she’s a delighted girl hopping ard. as for me, the pain of parting with my money is too much to bear, no matter how good the effects were.

for your info, the treatment alone cost me a whooping $130! i am still thinking about the amount of things i could have done with that money. needless to say, my jaws dropped the moment i saw the price tag.


and poor shuyu had to sit in the salon to read some mags to wait for me to be done before we hopped along for a dinner date with ivy and wj.


oh. i didnt head for the interview in the end. decided that since i wont be able to change my decision abt the job, so i gave it up. not knowing abt the job (and how much more attractive it might be) may just be a blessing in disguise.

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