i keep staring at the pictures wondering where to start blogging. i realised i didnt take a lot of pictures this time…

arriving at the airport in hong kong, in jetstar asia..

our airport transfer tickets to derrick’s 姑妈’s place.

here we go!

after arriving in maritime square, we were trying to figure how to walk over to the house when we went to the wrong exit and decided to take a cab instead. quite an interesting experience. i didn’t know we had to pay $5 for each piece of luggage in the boot! we kept thinking we must have been axed, but well, subsequently, i realised it is indeed on the price list stuck inside the cab!

arriving at 姑妈’s void deck, not knowing the correct address. turns out, she moved place recently and derrick couldnt locate her because he had the wrong mobile number given to him. he eventually had to sneak into the guard area (u need a passcode to enter) and check with the guard, and that’s me.. grumpily sitting down and having a rest in the hot weather.

met his cousins and uncle wong, and they had intentions of bringing us out for lunch. err.. we had a little time to wash up a little, settle down a bit, wait for the younger kid to come back from tuition and off we go in the 小巴.

very exciting! i only see people taking the 小巴 in the hk dramas!

kwai fung area, the place we had dim sum lunch and a bit of shopping..

hk’s is filled with hello kittys. you can find loads of hello kitty shops, hello kittys at mac donalds, limited edition hello kitty train attendents (is that what you call?) for sale at the train station.. and everything you could imagine.. and yet, beyond my wildest expectation, i saw this at a florist in one of the train stations..

hello kitty bouquets!!

we headed to the peak in the evening..

omg!! the queue was so damn long.

we happily queued for 40+ minutes, almost the 3/4 mark when we realised there is a counter providing fast lane, to which you have to purchase Mdm tussards entrance tickets. well, we were keen in going and i hopped out of the lane, angry at the time wasted..

at least, in the midst of waiting, i had a picture taken of myself!

i actually climbed onto the water fountain area.. there’s no water flowing!

after like ages, i finally glimpsed the tram!

up we go!

the gorgeous view midway up..

up there, posing with the poster backdrop

at mdm tussards, derrick decides to dance with leo ku..

while i decide to admire my favourite andy lau..

and of cos, let my mischevious side of me come out to play!

guess what?! she’s wearing a white panty!

going up flights and flights of stairs escalators.. this magnificent view greets you..

errm.. i forgot to add that that view is accompanied with dozens of people pushing and squeezing, with bad ventilation, body odour and sweaty sticky bodies. it took me a really long time to squeeze right in front to snap this only clear picture with the help of the railing. and gosh! the wind’s so strong that my camera keeps swaying with it! and for that, we also had to queue for an hr to take the tram down.. Grr.. believe me, i don’t think i’ll come again if i had to queue that long!

we decide to hit the streets for dinner at 11pm. my stomach’s growling by then!

my first dinner in hk!

a quick walk around 女人街 while they are in the midst of packing up and then, to the famous dessert store we go!

i know i look happy in the picture, but i was battling a fever and a running nose, feeling all terrible and sick. i didn’t even touch much of the dessert. all i wanted was to head home to sleep.. back home at 2+, i had to pack my stuff still because the room is too small and there is no place to put the luggage if you wanna pull out the bed to sleep! i popped a pill and slept for 3hrs.. waking up at 6am for day 2 adventure..

[to be continued]

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