this morning, despite leaving the house early.. i almost didnt manage to get to work. because when i was at the train station.. there wasn’t any train available for me to board for 15mins. there were announcement that sounded unsure, and the control station guy just announced, “attention passengers, there will be no empty trains approaching. please board the next oncoming train.”

well.. the oncoming empty train came.. and the doors didnt open. the control station went again, “the train on platform B is not in service. the train is faulty. please wait for the next train. thank you.”

well.. the next train took a really long time to come and by then, i am sweating like mad. and so, the train came and it was packed to the entrance! not a single person could board the train. so it was a disaster.

after 15 mins, it was too hot and stuffy for me and i decided that i needed to get out. the number of people on the platform just keep piling… the entire platform B was packed to the brim and there are still tonnes of people coming up from the escalator.

i eventually decided that i needed to get out of the train station and take a cab to work.. thankfully agnes was texting me and telling me joanne is giving her a ride to the office. out of desperation (the cab queues were really long!), i asked agnes if it is ok for me to hitch a ride too!

and there, that was how i got to the office, and on time too. 🙂 so blessed to have nice colleagues.

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