just the other day, the hubby was asking me.. hey, you think when you are at home most of the time during your maternity, would you be able to save more money since you don’t have much chance of spending money?

Me – nope. i think i’ll squander all my money away on online shopping.
him – hmm.. that’s what i think so too. die la like that.

haha. the truth is, i don’t even need to wait till i’m on maternity. just 2 nights ago, i clicked, clicked and got myself a black clutch bag from ASH! i have been lemming for a clutch for the longest time, and i can’t seemed to find one that i love, or suit my needs (big, roomy, leather, right price etc).

pic courtesy of ashfootwearusa.com

i stumbled onto this and went.. wah. rock chic. i like! not the perfect one that i’m looking for, but this meets most of my needs and well, it’s rather cheap.

now, i sit and twiddle my thumb and hopefully, the item don’t get lost in the mail. 🙂


on hindsight, aiyah, i don’t know when i’ll ever get the chance to use that when all i’ll be carrying in the next few months is a diaper bag or huge bags stuffed with things baby related!

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