[possible vulgar/dialect language ahead]

The husband was bathing the baby earlier and required me to help. I was feeling lazy so I teased him about his capability.. You know, being an all rounder and wonderful hands on super daddy, but he insisted he would liked me to help.

Me: you cannot do it yourself meh?
D: no, I’m not as capable as you. I need you to help.
Me: you very zhu eh! (I meant 猪/pig in this instance and trying to mock him of stupidity. It was also meant to be a pun because the husband’s surname is Choo /朱) 猪爸爸!猪爸爸!

I chanted non stop during the time I helped him and carried the baby away from the tub to dry and clothe him. The husband washed up the bathroom and came to me 5 mins later..

D: eh, I 猪爸爸 right? Your surname lim right..
turns to baby and addresses him while pointing to me.
Baby, this is lim lao bu!! (your mother in hokkien)

Guess he had the last laugh..

As the last defense, I have decided not to fight back and let him win.. It’s my marriage maintenance strategy. Haha.

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