Right after Jerry pops out, I can’t decide whether I still love my husband or am starting hate him. Never the bit that his attention was all on the tiny bud since the moment he pop out and forgot about the well-being of the mother (ello, its me!!). Haha.

You know, he’s literally glued to his iPad/iPhone all the time.. So I asked.. Hey, now that Jerry is out, are you donna drop your iPad and attend to Jerry? He looked at me and went…can I have an iJerry please?!

When he was going to attempt to carry Jerry.. I went, hey, remove your watch (it’s his rolex), wait you scratch the baby.. he went, maybe Jerry will scratch my watch instead leh? What makes you think my watch is at fault?! me = roll eyes.

About his neck, he has this deflated disc in his neck recently and doc has advised him to refrain from looking downwards for long period of time because it would increase the wear and tear more quickly over time. And so, the daddy kept complaining about neck pain cos he kept peering down at his son these days. Well, I retorted, it’s the same when you are using your iPad what…he went, oh, no no.. It’s better when I’m using the iPad.

Duhz! Any way, just thought it’s quite funny and I just want to document this so that years down, I can tease the hubby about it.

Waiting to be discharged right this morning. Has been waiting since 9+ this morning but we were told the cashiers ain’t ready cos they are still tabulating the bills.

Fasterly eh, I want to quickly go vote and head home.

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