ok. i didn’t take all the pictures of the stuff i had. sometimes, i was just plain lazy. other times, i was just too hungry. either that or that the stuff are the usual ones that i always eat and they have nothing much to shout about.

kicked start the trip with bak kut teh!

big bowl of mixed stuff, pig trotters, tau pok, and salted vegetables. it was just heaven tucking into these even its a hot afternoon. there was this chicken in a claypot thing but i apparently got too busy eating that i didnt take a picture of it.

durian as a dessert 30 mins after our stomach-bursting meal of bak kut teh. and no, i didn’t have any pictures as evidence!

at night, we headed to meldrum walk. this place is really fantastic (in my opinion) if you can stand a cramp, darkly lit back alley. the food stalls lined down 2 blocks and it basically serves the equivalent of our singapore newton fare.

fried kuay tiao shop, fresh cockles, fried la-la, fried kuay tiao, sambal stingray, popiah.

the fried kuay tiao shop in the first picture serves really good stuff with cockles. my only complain is that the cockles are too cooked and swivelled up. anyhow, i just peeled my own cockles and dump it in for the fresh taste! the sambal fish is also really fresh and good, comes with loads of meat and i think it’s better than the ones we have here (always thinly sliced)!

in between all these, there were also quite a bit of junk food thrown into the picture. i didn’t take any pictures on sunday because i was so tired & grouchy from driving around so much, and i much preferred to sleep than to eat.

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