11 days, 6 flights, 5 different airports and 8 passport stamps later, here I am back in Singapore.

and gone through a long day at that.

touched down this morning at about 5.30am, did some duty free shopping and headed home at 6+. Unpacked, bathed and headed for work. so imagine surviving the past 36hrs with just less than 2 hours sleep on board the plane.

Here’s the rough gist of where I went:
Singapore > Johannesburg > land transfer to Nelsprit/Kruger National Park > Johannesburg > Zimbabwe > land transfer to Zambia > Johannesburg > Cape Town > Singapore

quite a bit of travelling for a 11 days trip huh?


and can i just say today is such a bad day?

i was trying to clear my email and my outlook crashed. the folder got corrupted and I lost all my emails. Hmmm.. good news or bad?

i decided to take a cab home because i missed the bus and the journey was so long.. and the cab got into a bloody accident. i was sitting in the cab when i heard a loud bang and felt the impact. i turned around and saw nothing, thinking that i could have heard wrongly, only to see the guy crawling out. a rider banged into him and the bike went under.

anyway, the unlucky thing was that it was peak hour, the driver and rider were quarrelling on whose fault it is, and that bloody meter is still ticking away! anyway, i think it’s the rider’s fault because the car has stopped for about 2 secs before i heard the crash.

now, im dead tired.. and just got back from the airport to send der off.

i am so ready to crash. my bed just feels so good after so many days of foreign hotel beds.

errrmmm.. pictures? another day perhaps.

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