I played a cruel joke on my friends on twitterland. Those on my twitter would know!

I tweeted some time in the afternoon.. Baby Jerry & me!

Haha. That’s the baby Jerry I was referring to. =)

I feel a little jealous of my baby, because the hubby readily buy ‘rubbish’ for his son-to-be and I somehow, I feel neglected! I want a present too and since mother’s day is coming, make it TWO!

I’m day dreaming, I know. Please don’t slap me awake and maybe, my dream would come true?! (can someone PLEASE go hint my hubby?? Pretty please?!) haha. I wouldn’t mind a rolex, or a macbookpro, or even the frivalous iPad 2.. Or yet another bag, or Chanel accessories, or Marc Jacobs trinklets. Anything man! Make me feel loved! I kept asking the hubby if he has any "表"示 for me (referring to a watch here) since I have been teasing me to get me a rolex to match his!

Jokes aside, he told me he’ll gift me his omega if i really like it (the other day, he was thinking of selling it but I told him I like that watch and he should sell it to me instead because it’s no longer on sale in the market).. So touched! But, think I’ll ruin the watch with all my desktop diving (perils of working at a desk bound job). My bretling has since suffered many scratches and injuries that I don’t dare to look or show the hubby. I could feel his heart got ‘piang piang piang’ with every additional scratch found.

Anyway, I got a lot of cheys, and I thought you delivered! messages after. Haha! Maybe it was also because it’s labour day and everyone knew I was DUE.

Presents from daddy to son on his supposedly due date.. 2 Jerry toys! One with the tshirt that says “baby Jerry”! Looking at the toys, I can’t help but ask the hubby – is Jerry a girl?! Why does the toy has long lashes and wear pink?!

And check out baby Jerry in his cot. Heh heh.

Now, my dear little Jerry, would you please come out soon else your cot will be invaded by others soon!

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