Before jerry pops!

Just saw the gynae it’s not looking good! 1cm dilation, I’m just not ripe enough! Am currently being hooked to the ctg machine and I don’t know what he did earlier, but I’m like having bad menstrual cramps lying here. Argh. And being hooked to the ctg machine for the last 40 mins with minimal movement is causing me much distress. I need to move around! Doesn’t help that my throat is irritated and the pain is magnified with each cough.

Okie. I have to be induced. Either that, c-sect to get the baby out. Jerry is 3kg and head circumference is 33cm. Am going to try inducing but if it doesn’t work, I’ll be under-going the knife!

Must tell the hubby he better prepare a BIG gift for me after that. Lol.

Checking into the hospital in 4 hours. Meanwhile, I need to eat. What shall I eat for my ‘last meal’? Was thinking of mos, but decided to get the family out for a dinner instead.

Wish me luck. I think I need loads of it.

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