everyone has been blogging about how the year had been and the resolutions for the new year. obviously, i haven’t had the time to think/reflect about the year gone past so maybe i’ll do that tonight after my movie date with the boy.

we haven’t seen a movie in almost a month, or was it longer?

and on the last day of the year, i discovered i am PARTIALLY DEAF!

gawd. i am so so so upset. I realised that i cannot hear well in my right ear. accidentally found that out when der was playing with the automatic watches and hearing it go tick-tick-tick. he placed the watches at my ear and kept asking me,”do you hear? do you hear?!”

i didn’t hear a thing. frustrated, he went… how can you NOT HEAR?! it’s so loud!

i so wanted to scream back. haha. so i sat up in bed, and took the watch from him and put it at my left ear.

tick-tick-tick-tick-tick. OMG.

put the watch to right ear. SILENCE.

and i repeated the procedure at least 10 times?! and i really really CANNOT HEAR A DAMN thing in my right ear. that probably explains the sharp pains that i experienced in my ear at times.

seriously, i am feeling a little freaked out, but am really thankful that i am not entirely deaf. will be going for a check up soon and see how it goes. am wondering if it was the same problem i had when i was in primary school when there was one day i started sobbing because i couldn’t hear anything and my parents brought me to see a specialist.

am keeping my fingers crossed!

and you know what? i really wanted to nua at home and usher the new year in while lying on my bed. haha.

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