Am loving this whole honeymoon thingy, because there aint a rush to do anything or see anything and we are pretty much taking it easy with lotsa snooze in between attractions. Haha. It does seemed like its wasted spending so much time in hotel rooms other than out there but i guess its whatever makes you happy at that moment. It just equates to doing the right thing at the right moment and that in itself is happiness.

Venice collected quite a bit of rain while we were there, also one of the reasons why we snoozed in the hotel. We didnt want to get wet or sick with the long journey ahead and on the streets, most of the activities slowed and even the gondolas werent in operation.

Err. Kinda lost count on the churches and their names. Not sure if you spotted the same thing as i did but the churches all look the same with just v minor modifications!

Check this out. They have the same leonardo exhibition as the one we had at the science centre! We took a peek and yup, its the same stuff! When we got to rome, we spotted it right again so we were convinced that they have many duplicates moving around instead of just one set travelling the world.

Church of Nicolo Tolentino.

Loads of gondolas parking along the side and getting outta the rain.

It was a freezing morning and we just had to seek some shelter and get some warmth.

Cappucino for the boy and hot chocolate for me.

And a zuppa for me empty stomach.

Market on the water and i thought that i’ll see this only in bangkok.

Accademia bridge.

Grand canal.

Burger king for lunch. Strangely, i like the chicken burger! I think i am going a little cuckoo here. Spizzico for the boy with a huge slice of magherita pizza.

Random but took this while waiting for the boy to unlock the doors for our little siesta.

When we headed out in the evening, we went to the jewish ghetto. Nothing much interests us here.

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