Totally hating the iphone app for LJ. I cant blog halfway and go back to it. Grrr. Hence the many many disrupted posts on venice.

Der was telling me that we’ll go on the gondola and i went.. Woah.. You sure?!

He said yes! Since we wont be coming back here ever, so i think it well worth the money.

Haha. Spoke too early. When i told him its minimumly €80-100, he very quickly changed his mind and promptly googled for other options.

I almost laughed my arse off. I totally didnt think we’ll go for the gondola. I was thinking of taking the vaporetto (water taxi) around the grand canal just for the experience.

Unfortunately, we have too much to snooze and woke v late and is unable to take the round tour on the vaporetto. We just took one stretch of it and i am so glad we got out prematurely cos i was getting motion sickness and all ready to puke!

Interesting sign on the vaporetto. I couldnt figure when the bags had to be put down. Was it for fear someone grabs it when the boat is unstanble? Hmm.

Anyway, just for reference, there is a cheap near gondola experience for just €0.50. Its the traghetti gondola which the local commuters use to cross the canal. The difference is, you ride the gondola standing up. Der & me went to check it out but we didnt ride cos we wanted to stay on this side of the canal and it does seemed dumb to pay them €1 to bring us across then back.. Anyway, here’s more info for anyone’s reference.

So all we did was stand around and witness a few crossings, take some pictures and move on. =)

For once, i had to praise der for downloading the travel apps for free. He has this mtrip app for venice and roam that doesnt require data usage but able to tell you where you are and what are the attractions to visit. With that, we found a dinner venue that was highly rated (5 stars outta 5) and when we popped in at 6.30pm, we were told that they open only at 7pm. We loitered a bit and went back at 7pm to be told the restaurant is full and if we didnt make reservation then its just too bad.

But the guys remembered us being turned away earlier so he said the best he could do for us was to give us this table by the door (where the main door opens and slams shut every other min) and we gladly took it!! Anything for good food (assuming here) and my hungry stomach.

Us at our table.

Lovely wine…

The whole experience is a little like morton’s. They dont have a physical menu but a menu board on the wall that serves the limited dishes for the day. The server then explains each and every dish on its ingredients and how it is being prepared. Lovely, personable service. And here’s what we ordered!

My steak with roast potatoes. This was good and i finished everything, licking the plate clean!

Der’s homemade pasta with fresh scallops. Its some twisted pasta that tasted interesting and chewy and the scallops servings were v v generous that we got a little sick of it.

The happy boy.

There were a few of these certs hanging around the restaurant and i figured they must be real good, especially we saw many many people turning up at the restaurant and were turned away because they were all without a reservation. We feel so lucky! So here’s the restaurant details if you are interested.

Osteria alla botte
Calle della bissa – san marco 5482
Tel – 041 5209775
Email –
Or you can find them on facebook – osteria alla botte venexia.

Im retyping everything cos its a little hard to read all the cursive wordings.

Be sure to make a reservation if you ever turn up there. Mind you though, the restaurant aint easy to locate as it is not on the main streets but i was really surprised that they still have quite a lot of walk-in crowd. We would never been able to locate it without the mtrip app because it really looks like a dead end and no one sane would walk in there. Oh, they also have a great wine collection so you could also check it out and bag a bottle or 2 back.

That ends our beautiful journey in venice, and a memorable part of our honeymoon.

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