It’s my last visit to the gynae today.. And it marks the end of a journey for me.

I always complain and hated the long queues at the gynae’s office. Today, I was early because I got the husband to drop me off instead (cos he forgot about my appt and made an important appt at work and couldnt accompany me.. *roll eyes*). And wow. There isn’t a single soul in the clinic except the clinic assistants! It’s a first for me, seeing the clinic empty. Heh.

It didn’t last long, 5 mins later.. People started strolling in and as usual, the appointments are all booked up way ahead and the assistants are busy answering calls and rejecting anyone that wants to pop over today.

I massaged the husband, hey, next time we come early to jump queue ah! No need to wait so long!

10 secs later, I sent another text to the husband.. IF, there is a next time.

When I was done and paid up, the clinic assistant went, ok. Your package ends here today.. I suddenly felt a little lost. Been turning up here for the past 11 months or so and now, it will just be a part of my memories about my pregnancy. And well, I’m not sure if I’ll have another baby. I had wanted 3 before this whole pregnancy episode, but with all the costs and torture involved (of me missing my favourite foods, waking up hungry all the time and the sleepless nights during pregnancy and then postpartum depression and tiredness), I am not so sure.

Maybe when I strike it rich (or when the husband does) and have a helper to help with the chores around and a supportive family (my mum and most importantly, the husband), I would consider. For now.. One baby is enough to tire me and my mum out!

Well, my mum wants a dragon baby..

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