i think the one up there is playing pranks in my life.

ok. i have been consistently warned about my late coming at work. just because i sit right outside the c.e.o’s office, my boss is very concern about my punctuality. of cos, that stems from the c.e.o. who is very anal about it.

and so, in the last 2 weeks, i have been making a consistent effort to wake up early and turn up at work on time. it rained on many occasions, which made me really late.

other days, i was caught in terrible jams. of cos, there are also a couple of days that i arrive on time, and one day, early.

today, when i reach the train station.. i was greeted with this sight.

the train platform’s packed to the brim with people, baking in the hot sun. i am being sandwiched between people and it totally spoilt my entire week.

waited for a long time for the train to come.. and when i finally did.. i had to miss 3 trains cos there is no way anyone could board on those trains.

and i turned up at work, 25 mins late. what a “great” way to start the week.

fio said my face was really black. you bet. trying making a huge effort to get out of bed early and still arrive at work much later than usual.

i wonder what my boss thinks. i hope she doesn’t think the train technical fault was an excuse.


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