it’s a tiring day last nite after heading for the Argosy lake cruise and popping over to seattle aquarium. got a $35 bucks parking ticket from staying too long in the aquarium. the day ended with dinner tony romas. was so dead tired (dunno why!) that i went to bed at 9pm.. too much excitement in the day wears me down fast, or maybe, just maybe, im getting old.

the pretty snow very much melted in the late afternoon once the sun is up. while putting the pictures together.. i realised i didnt take a picture of myself in the SNOW! how dumb rite? Grrr.. *fuming*

anyways, anyways, peek tures!

i was feeling a little silly and brought my boi (doggie plush) for a tumble in the snow on the rooftop. and then i decided to scribble words all over with my finger (freaking cold!) and wrote names all over the rooftop. 😛 i even took of my shoe and walked barefooted in the snow, leaving my foot prints for memory.

haha. that’s it for now!

** UPDATED 1.08am **

while i was taking pictures of the snow, there were many helicopters flying above the roof where i was, from all the different news stations. because aunt’s house is located very near the I5 (interstate 5), one of the major expressways. the news on tv reported the many accidents that happened due to the snow, cos the ice was causing the cars to glide and bang into each other. it’s quite a sad sight, really.

while it so pretty to us (those living in tropical areas), it’s not so much a good thing here. the (elementary) children have their classes cancelled cos it was too cold/snowing/hard to travel.

just thought i’ll add this in, just so u know. 🙂