last weekend was a long awaited weekend of mine.. with tickets to the SING DOLLAR!

bought the tickets some months back and have been eagerly waiting for the DAY to come..

well, i woke up excitedly only to find the boy hot to the touch. stuff a thermometer into his mouth (38.5 degrees fever) and had to drag him out of bed and to the doc’s.

and he had to give the show a miss. =(

i was upset because we had wanted to watch it for the longest time, but the boy was adamant in staying home and not spreading the germs even with a mask on. of cos, it was only the correct thing to do, since we are not sure if the virus is potent and we don’t want to put others to risk.

but i was upset because i had to find a replacement to watch the show with me, just 3 hours before the show starts. lucky for me that I remembered cindy telling me that she wanted to watch but didnt buy the tickets because there was no more discount and her friend wanted to save money instead.

thankfully she didnt have anything on and was willing to go to the play with me, but we ended up being 15 mins late (i was caught in bad traffic and no parking lots).

anyhow, we still enjoyed the play loads and i heart the kumar parts because he was so funny with the accent, and forever so witty. also love hossan, seb and selena because they are just so good with their roles and up-to-date humour. it was really a play worth watching, with all the great people put together, though i do find some parts a little dry to watch.

so, is a bangla a muslim or buddhist? can they take beef? go buy tickets for the show to find out!

the weekend ended with the usual gorging at glutton’s bay, and nursing the boy back home.

This morning when i left him, the temperature still running and i am feeling a little off myself. gawd. i think i might be down with the virus too. have been fending off the irritable throat for the whole morning, but downing a lot of water all the same.

it’s a bad week to be sick.

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