I cant remember what i wrote in the post anymore because it was written in paris and paris was a week ago.

But anyway, x.sillly gets a present on our honeymoon from der, despite der complaining that there are THREE of us on the honeymoon.

He gets a pair of socks! Mad cute, except that the prints are of a maryjane and looks a little girly, but these are like the only clothing we ever managed to find that fits the tiny him!

Really up the cute factor for me like 10 notches, but he’s my special one, hand delivered to me one day in my office by der that blew me away.

Anyway, you know i always talk to my toys and know what was the funniest thing that x.silly said?!

papa, the shoes for girl issit?! How come got flowers?! X.silly is BOY! But x.silly like, cannot give them to jie jie.

But he really looks v cute.

And he has got a new friend!! The beanie rabbit from zara home.. Was kinda shocked with der being determined to buy this… Its €23! Its v ex but its a gift with a nice meaning behind it so i guess its okie to splurge.

Tadah! Presenting x.silly with his new friend, beanie the rabbit!! The rabbit’s v cuddly and guess what… Its been der’s sleeping companion ever since it joined us on the honeymoon. And x.silly being mad jealous with the sharing of our attention so beanie gets whacked. Siblings rivalry, and watching der explaining to x.silly why cannot whack make me laugh buckets and i think i somehow get an inkling of how der will treat our kids next time in the future when we do have them.

And here’s a shot of them staring at disneyland from the windows of our disney hotel.

Aint they lovely?!

Thank goodness my new bed is king size so i could sleep with all of them on the bed. =)

Cant wait to start sleeping on the new bed! But at the same time, im sure moving into another roof aint gonna be easy. Hope it’ll be good!

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