a thousand apologies will not erase the guilt i have. sometimes, in the hectic life that we live in, days come and go before we know and time slips past us before we can grasp it. it’s never a standstill and the seconds continue ticking even when we are hesitating.

the bustle of cny has come and almost gone. 1 more house visiting to jasmine house this sunday marks the end of the new year celebration for me. in the midst of it all, i forgot something important. i feel truly ashamed. for years, you remembered my special day, never forgetting to wish me once, and yet, what a rotten friend i am.

girl, i am very very sorry. i know even though you may say it’s ok, but it’ll never be the same. the disappointment that you have felt with have made a dent, no matter how small. i can only try to be a better friend in the many years to come, and work towards a lasting friendship till our hairs are grey and kids all grown.

here’s a small little banner, just for you.

May all your little wishes come true and the path ahead be smooth. May you gain the strength and wisdom to conquer any tumbles that might come along the away and stay sweet, pretty and smart!