came across this via peanut_toes

totally revived my fading memories that I had of my school. the demolished school that’s no longer in existence today. i remembered that study area, the st john room, the octagon garden in the middle of the classrooms, the technical block and the science labs! the science labs where i usually hide under the table to snack away. the art room.. the classrooms..

gawd. am so glad someone actually made of video of this. judging from the dates, they are one year my junior! 🙂

i missed the schooling days. 13 years after graduation, i can still sing the school song without missing any lyrics. gawd. i wish i could go back to that old building, that holds so much memories for me.

the new building is beautiful, but other than the school hall that’s preserved as it is, everything else has changed. it’s so sad.

how many more years would it take for me to forget how every little corner or nook of the school looked like? or how i vandalised the tables, and walls when i was still studying there?

those were the days. the happy days.

i’m sure those the phs folks that are reading my blog would agree with me.

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