Or turning into. I’m not sure if the home rest with the doc’s mc is a good thing. I’m definitely one of those that treasure my mobility A LOT, and being stuck at home in pain is no fun. Especially since I can’t really find a comfortable position to lie in for long without feeling aches and pain especially with the weight that im bearing.

I still remember when I had that ligament surgery some years back, I snuck out in the evening with my crutches on the day I was discharged from the hospital, much to the horror of my mum. Yes, never mind that I hopped into a cab to get around, I just NEEDED to get around.

But this time round, I didn’t have the help of crutches, and the pelvic pain was a tad irritating because it hurts whenever, whatever I’m doing. That includes lying down in bed, doing nothing. Even making a trip to the loo is garnering loads of “ahh.. Ouch..” from me though the bathroom is just merely 3 steps from my bed. It’s not as painful that it’ll kill me but definitely very inconvenienced by it (for the relatively active, bouncy me) and I just can’t wait for the pain to go away (or when the baby pops out).

Because of this.. I think I have turned into a needy person, whatsapping the husband every now and then, telling him my random cravings and asking him if he is coming home soon from work. Must be irritating for him but he ain’t complaining so I feel loved!

And he came back with the ramly burgers last night which made me a really happy girl because I told him I suddenly felt like eating it in the afternoon! Major brownie points scoring there.. I thought he would have bought them in Msia (where they were first famous at) but turns out, he bought them at a pasar malam in bukit batok while he sent his colleague home last night. Still, it’s bliss nonetheless. The greedy me gobbled everything down in seconds and totally forgot to take a picture! Aiyah!!!

This morning, the boy, determined to cheer me up.. Woke up early and decided to drag me out for a nice brunch, even though all I wanted to be is right in my bed, and not move an inch, because I was getting comfortable and not willing to throng the streets and endure the pain with any walking. Then again, I thought about how little couple time we had left and weekends like that (with just the 2 of us) is soon going to be a thing of the past.. I just had to humour him a little and I guess being outdoors will do me soul some good as well.

He wanted to go Charlie brown cafe at 313. I wanted a more quiet, less traffic area so I suggested epicurious at the Quayside, after remembering about reading many reviews of the much-raved-about restaurant.

Helps that parking was in the same building, I didn’t had to walk loads from the car and the boy was patiently trotting behind me and holding me, stopping whenever I had to (when it gets more painful)… I had a great, wonderful brunch!

But ewww! The weather was so so so hot, my ribbon necklace was soaked through, my clothes were stuck to my skin and because I walked ever so slowly, the sun was kinda unbearable, especially with all my messy mane sticking to my neck. I could imagine myself looking like crap. Lol.

Ok. Happiness here..

Complimentary banana cake..

My super-lemony iced lemon tea

Fluffy and soft pancakes served with maple syrup.

Choco-nana sandwiches. Yummy, sinful stuff! Nutella sandwiches with banana slices! I should attempt to make this at home next time.

The boy’s breakfast burito filled with eggs, chorizo and tomatoes, served with additional baked beans as on the side (for me actually). Lately, I had this weird craving for baked beans..

The hungry man.

Doesn’t it looks yummy?!

There were a lot of other stuff that I wanted to try, but unfortunately, most of them are egg dishes and mostly runny eggs..so I had to give them a miss this time round. I did steal a small bite of the boy’s burito though. Think I’ll be back someday again! And, there’s NO pictures of me taken because the hungry man couldn’t even wait! He kept asking, are you done with the pictures?! Can I eat?! -_-”

Meanwhile, just some tips if you are intending to check the place out. Please do not wear green tshirts if you are popping by. All the servers/wait staff are decked in tees of various shades of green so you could be mistaken as one of them (I saw a boy in the queue looking exactly like them!). And be prepared to wait. In the queue and as well as for your food. The place is usually packed on weekends and the food takes about min. 30 mins to be served.. (and for the bill as well.. The boy asked for it 3 times and we only got it like 15 mins later). There’s an additional surcharge of $1 per diner’s butt (literally stated on the menu) during PH as well, and I thought it was great that the servers asked if you have read and understood it when taking your orders. at least there isn’t any hidden cost! We actually saw the surcharge from a poster at the door before we were even seated but I guess some diners may have missed it if they weren’t paying attention.

We left the place with the intention of grabbing some macaroons from canele at Robertson quay since I had a $10 voucher to be used.. But the weather was so bearable that I ended plonking my butt on the nice sofa seat, sipping a cool cup of iced strawberry tea and enjoying the aircon and just chilling away. Heck the macaroons!

We just sat there for the longest time, sipping our teas, playing with our iPhones and getting updated with news before we finally made our way back to the carpark and headed home. Was feeling breathless and having difficulty breathing properly. For some odd reason, my ears also felt stuck outta sudden and i was so uncomfy that I didn’t want to stay a minute more outdoors.

Truly, a nice, short, little break from the 4 walls of my room (sounded like I am in prison!). Did my soul real good! Thanks baby!

Eh. Wait. I think I was the one who paid for breakfast.. I should be thanked instead! (joking!!) Lol.

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