this post is long overdue, plainly cos im so lazy.

i spent first couple of hours on new year’s eve bowling away in downtown east. headed for my favourite frog porriage at geylang afterwards. it was almost 6am when i slept and ended up 3 hours late for work when i woke. thank god for the wei’s car, which get me from his place to my workplace in less than 15mins.

when nite reached, i was tired and grouchy. it didnt help when wei asked me to drive the whole day with whatever min. sleep i had, and working till 5pm on a saturday had really drained me out.

spent the night chilling out a pub. the rest of the night was a nightmare.

on new year’s day, i find myself at the same place, attending a primary school friend’s (guohui aka xiao se lang) birthday party. together with agnes, another primary school friend, we bought a present and headed down there, not knowing what to expect.

little did i know i was in for (so) much fear. half the time, i unconsciously find myself being stared into, stepping back to regain some personal space and end up avoiding my friend. here’s some pictures that i took..

agnes. i can hear u giggling. Grr.. but anyway, its nice to be able to meet up with you agnes! hee.

here’s some pictures that i stole from her blog.