It’s usually the event of the year where everyone look forward to it, mainly because of the big and exciting prizes that we have in store. This year, it’s a little different. The rules have changes, the prizes no more and a lot of people went on leave!

Still, it’s one of those events where EVERYONE would gamely dressed up to the theme. It’s my 4th Christmas party in the company, and the previous themes were pink christmas (I was in committee), blingz, back to school and this year.. It was fashion disaster.

And I thought I was quite a fashion disaster wearing leopard prints, polka dots and stripes all mashed up. This is my ‘gear’ for the party. Striped top, polka dot skirt, polka dot leggings, and leopard preens prints wellies.

Well, as it turn out, my outfit is kinda…. Mild.

When I say they gamely dress up, I think it’s and understatement. They go all out!

There were a lot more ridiculous ones but I didn’t manage to capture everyone on my phone. It was hilarious. There were luminous green see-through stockings with leg hairs sticking out/squashed in, raffia strings being worn as suspenders, bright ankle socks with mary janes, track pants pulled up to the chest with business shirt and ties, big spectacles, kitchen clogs, leg warmers and huge ribbons/flowers accessories in all the inappropriate areas.

The games were the usual scavenger hunt (the game that caused me to sprain my heels while I jumped down flights of stairs in my wellies to grab/buy 8 cans of coke light while everyone else took the lift), snatch a Christmas present (this was a little dry/slow) and there was the usual buffet where I didn’t munch on much and the highlight had to be the awards that were being given away. Prior to the party, there were nominations and voting going around the office. Awards like most long-winded award, most talk cork awards, most sexy butt, and best office couple. The 2 guys were the ‘couple’ and they are both incidentally named Nick.

The party was much longer and wasn’t as fun as previous years.. or maybe the excitement from winning big prizes from the previous years drove the adrenaline up several notches. Still, it’s another Christmas gone by in the green camp for me. I can’t quite believe I have been around for that long!

Did your office have a Christmas party as crazy as mine?

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