last nite..

the merlion picture makes me smile. i’m kinda amused at the story shuyu mentioned about sang nila utama and the merlion. heh heh. nah, not telling the story here. dont wanna embarrass her. the night went on as it is.

we were late, the party’s late. we had dinner, by the river, expensive AND pathetic dinner. the party started, long queue. met alicia, cut queue and met a sickly lester.

free manicures, free flow drinks of all kinds, and free tarot card reading. games and hunks (more like gays to me!) as the programs. it was kinda fun in a way, but i felt a little let out. spoke to lester alot and i found out he’s from legal studies in TP! 1 year our senior! Whoops! suddenly, i find him strangely familiar.

anyway, the night ended at almost 11pm when alvin gave me a ride to amk mrt station.

it was relaxing for me, in a long while.