been out of “sight” for a while and i have been really busy lately. of trying to get a life.

have been desperate to lose some of the fats that i am donning (everyone tells me im fatter!), so i have been exercising!

swimming x 3 + jogging x 2 in the past week had been a real feat. all that, plus planning for belle’s hen night on saturday. it’s quite a blast i reckon, but i shall say that in another post (with pictures!).

here’s some random pictures for the week.

if this my favourite fruit since i was a kid. i never quite know the english name for it, but it has always been known to me as “buah long long”. It’s a crunchy fruit (similar to the green mangoes or the harder guavas), and it is hardly on sale in singapore. You can easily find these in malaysia though.

dip it with a little salt and its heaven!

you can see how the plant looks like here (courtesy of blogger lam chun see

and where do i get the fruits here? right at my doorstep! my brother and me has been complaining for the longest time about not getting to eat the fruit and my mum saw the plant one day and bought it home and we have been enjoying it since!

my hk tomato plant has been surviving well too! and see all that seedlings by the side? no. that’s not weeds, but a whole bunch of seedlings that i planted from seeds. so happy to see them growing!

this is something that i havent been doing of late. BEING CHEEKY! trying to leave my colleague an “ah long” note to tease her but apparently, i’m not quite good as a “loan shark” because there is a “typo”. i wrote “OMP$” instead of “O$P$”. not pro enough.. definitely must practice more.

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