i seemed to be forever chasing my blog entries these days. i never really get the chance or time to blog when i want to or when i have the inspiration.. and i am beginning to find it a mere ‘obligation’ to update my blog after a while, because i update because i have to.

well, don’t get me the wrong way. i’m just feeling obligated to myself because the whole idea of having my own blog is to keep snippets of my life so that i can read it some years later. so, i do hope there’s no long lapse between my entries and my life is being tracked. =)

weirdly, the week has saw me curling up in bed at times like 11pm and knocking out way before my usual scheduled bedtime. the life in south africa must have been so good that my body thinks it’s still there? (i sleep at 9pm on most nights!)

last friday, agnes, kevin and me went on an excursion to JB! the main objective was to satisfy our lok lok craving and the secondary? getting the car wash and refuelling. notice how car wash comes first because the car was SO DIRTY! with our travelling schedules, i think the car has not been washed for like 3 weeks?! and yup, i have a low tolerance of dirty cars (if i am driving it), so to the wash it must go.

and for the first time ever in my life, i had to check that box in the immigration form. =) I was staring at it and was deciding if i should check it and agnes reminded me that your passport has got stamps to show! don’t ask me why, but i just get the feeling that i just might be detained for questioning if i checked that. eventually, that didnt happen.

you know what? the lok lok place that i go to? I secretly think the owner knows me already because he always give me an acknowledging look and he knows exactly what i am looking for when i say i couldn’t find my favourite mushrooms. in his mind, i think he must have the thought, “ahhh.. the throw $$$ girl is here again. it’s my lucky day again..”

because, because, NO ONE, seriously NO ONE, eats lok lok like i do. like some 30-40 sticks at a go? its so YUM i tell you.

ok. it’s the chilli too, so don’t go asking me to visit just any other lok lok stall. i just only like that stall. you can choose to have it deep fried or steamboat style, but i love everything deep fried even for things like century egg. yeah, im weird. if you are keen, here’s the location.

along jalan dato abdullah tahir road (towards the tail end where the pubs are located)

after u exit the custom, head toward tebrau/tebrau highway. some 200 metres after the traffic light, turn left into jalan dato abdullah tahir road. it is also the same road where new york hotel is located and travel till the end of the road. There are many many lok lok stalls along this road (and for people who wash cars, a lot of car washers along the stretch too), but it is the very last one along the stretch with a private car park opposite the stall. if it helps, you can recognise the faces of the 2 guys in the pictures and identify them at the stall.

part of the spread. see the 2 plates? that’s round 1

these are the 2 guys that i was talking about. they have 4 different types of chilli to choose from. I normally take the super hot one with a tinge of sourness. oh gawd, i wish i could eat some more of it now.

the happy people with our food. we went for 3 rounds!

after feeling satiated with our food, we proceeded to wash the car next. everywhere was jammed packed with singapore cars waiting for the wash and we just went to the one with the shortest queue!

our cars amongst the fleet of other singapore cars

washing in progress

the tired but happy girls. it’s 4am in the morning!

i was going to repeat the process this weekend but kevin is not able to make it and i don’t think der will like me going alone with agnes in tow (we are 2 vulnerable girls), so no wash and no lok lok. *sob*

Are there anyone (guys specifically) keen in washing and refuelling their car this weekend? beep me. (strangers not included, you wont have my number anyway. LOL)

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