or toddlers. or kids for that matter.

Well, when my gf kristy’s kids were turning one month old and 2 years old and had a party.. i had a hard time thinking what to get for them. at that point in time, i was still in confinement (her baby was born just 5 days before Jerry) and couldn’t do any physical shopping so online was my only option. it was a big headache because with a older kid in the same gender, they had everything they needed!

i was fretting it over for a while until i read jzlyn‘s entry about these customized onesies from PixieThreads, and that was it!

I got the brothers the elmo-cookie monster matching brothers tops. except that i requested for a tshirt and a onesie. The order experience was great, simple and rather affordable and it got me so excited seeing the customized designs with their names on it. And just before i made the payment, i emailed andrea and told her i wanted to add 2 more orders for Jerry! heh, it was such a novelty and guess its really quite cool to wear a top with your own name.. just like a soccer jersey. Saves me the trouble of having people to ask me for my baby’s name too.. i could go, nah, see for yourself!

the service was very prompt too! all it takes was 5 working days and the items were shipped and i got it the very next day! the packages were neatly packed and the tops were pretty!

here are the tops! aint they cute? the coolest bit was both Jaryl & Joel wore their matching tops to Jerry’s full month party, together with Jerry who showed up in his too!

here’s a picture of Jaryl & Jerry taken on Jerry’s full month.

A lot of my friends have been asking where i got the customized onesie for Jerry. so i thought, good things must share!

you can visit the website at www.pixiethreads.net or email andrea @ enquiries(AT)pixiethreads(DOT)net. if you have any design you would like to have her customized it for you, just email her!


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