errrmm.. it didn’t quite go that well in the end so i rather not talk about it. i was trying to secretly match make my friends and finally managed to organise dinner and a karaoke session with my friends/colleagues. have been anticipating the day for weeks!

anyway, the best laid plans will still be screwed.. so the night didn’t exactly go as planned at all.

1. everyone had dinner plans last minute cos we separately had dinner before meeting up for karaoke.

2. the supposedly “match-make” couple didn’t talk at all!

(errr.. i got a feeling that i am going to get scolding if everyone reads this entry)

but all in all.. it was a fun night out.

der & me managed to get our bed frame settled, together with the delivery date. one more thing down for all that preparations.

dinner at waraku!

the last picture featured wendy and her cranky phone. the message was displayed upside down on her phone screen and her touch screen is totally wonky at times. very hilarious when i read the message off her phone!

we spent the night karaoking away for 6 hours! i met a new friend – mildred (or or-bye, her nickname that we used).

it was fun but i was rather cheesed off when someone grabbed at x.silly nose really hard (and many times!). while i tried to stop her, she didn’t quite get the hint and some more, it’s a total stranger! Ok, it’s my friend’s friend’s friend who gatecrashed the party and it kinda spoiled my evening a little. x.silly suffered a out of shape nose for a while until derrick fluffed it back into shape. i was so ready to flash my cat claws to fight! (no lah, im joking.. i’ve got more class than that!) der was rather upset when he saw the scene as well. thank goodness the girl left within the first 3 hours.

as the night progressed on, it just got more fun with the joke on agnes. we were ejected her songs to prevent her from singing and we were snatching the remote control and acting like small kids in the room, pushing and screaming all over. andy and der spent their time watching in amusement the ruckus that the 4 girls were making. poor der came home with a sore throat!

us, at the karaoke

pretty agnes with her 1/2 face covered! (ya, covered then pretty!)

i have no idea why she is pulling a long face!

errrm, no.. we are not playing scissors, paper, stone…

me, being flanked by the 2 hunks..

having loads of fun..

if you realised, mildred is missing cos she refused to be photographed, but we really have great fun together and i cannot wait till the next time we get together again..

hmmm.. now, when will that be?

parted at 4+ in the morning, we went home like zombies. but not before wendy spotted this really cute vespa and demanded that we take pictures for her before looking for our car.

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