So, I ran out of ideas of what to buy for hubby for the anniversary. He’s quite the no-frills guy and wear shorts, tee and slippers to work.. And he has loads of those cos I’m a fan of threadless tee (as a shopper, not a wearer). As for gadgets, he has all the gadgets he needs – MacBook pro, iPad, iPhone.. His wallet is relatively new and is the same brand/colour as mine so doubt we’ll be changing it out anytime soon.

I wanted to get him a crumpler bag, for his iPad when he travels abroad but I didn’t see the design he wanted anywhere (except that my bro has one that he bought online eons ago and we couldn’t find it anymore).

As for watches, I cannot afford to fuel his love for them.. He has taken my love for watches up several notches and it would be a big cut off my annual salary to buy him the watch he desires, and I seriously think he has too many expensive watches for his hands to wear..

So I went outta the norm and got him a limited edition funky g-shock watch. He loves g-shock but has a rather small wrist so not all designs suit him.

Thing is, I wanted to get a pair of the watch that I bought so we could have couple watches but because it’s limited edition.. I couldn’t find another piece at all. Even IF I wanted to pay a premium price for it. And I failed majorly for any surprise element cos he spotted the bag at the corner of my room and quickly decided he had to ransack it even though I said it was for my uncle who has helped asked me buy (this is true, but there were 2 watches in the bag instead, in another colour).

And here’s the watch! It the one in blue in the front.

We went on a hunt for an entire weekend to find a matching one, but like my efforts.. It was futile. But we sorta got lucky and found another limited edition colour in the same model that was equally hard to spot (you could never see it ever on display – if you do, tell me!) and my boy decided to buy it for me!!

Here’s our matching watches! They are actually collectibles but I decided I am going to wear it cos it’s too cute!

So here are our couple watches.. The protrek at the back being our first pair of couple watch.

The protrek up close. I love it cos its super rugged.

Thing is, I thought the husband didn’t prepare a gift since he said he wanted to buy the watch for me but I was soooooo wrong.

I found a small gift nicely wrapped up on my bed after washing all my bottles and prepping for bed and he bought me the apple’s magic mouse! Totally functional gift cos it was what I was going to buy.

Heh heh.

What kind I’d anniversary gifts do you buy? I kinda ran out of ideas..

And in case you are wondering, we didn’t splurge on food. We had a smurfing time catching the smurfs movie and had cheap hawker fare. Very lovely!

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