mum is off to china with 3goo and yee yee plus some other relatives. the house is unusually quiet, especially on a saturday afternoon. i like it.

after zonking out last night in kenneth’s (mx’s hubby) car.. i came home and collapsed. literally.

a 12 hour nap. i feel slightly rejuvenated, but i woke with swollen eyes. groggy.

i feel much better now, finally caught up with the blog reading on lj. those on blogspot.. i’m trying to catch up!

ok. i am unhappy now. very unhappy in fact. oh wells. and oh. this weekend is working weekend. have to head to the stores and then work on my thick stack of homework for an upcoming course. i have to submit it on monday. boo!

am a little thankful that the neighbour is off to milan and düsseldorf for the next 10 days. trying to get some stuff in order for now, and going to pick up my race pack at suntec with wendy and pop over to thomson plaza for some pizza dinner.

/put on working cap and gets the gear going.

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