i had a fantastic (and also expensive lunch) on thursday! i had the use of the car so we travel further out to have lunch. dempsey just popped into my head and i suggest we go to white rabbit.

been wanting to head there but haven’t had a chance. the place was remote and quiet in some sense. when we reached, the lunch crowd has yet to come in and parking was a breeze. we had a tough time trying to decide what to eat (everything appeals to me man!). and when we finally decided, i was so excited, because i was just sooooo darn hungry.

cindy chose the sea brass while i had the steak. everything was fantastic and uber delicious from the bread, to the starters, to the mains and probably, the only a tad disappointing stuff were the desserts. but then again, we didn’t choose the popular items on the menu. here’s the pictures!

cindy’s choice of starter made me laugh. i didn’t know what she ordered but when i realized it was 2 soft boiled eggs with some shallots sauce, i went hysterical and ask her why she chose that?! Errrm, you can easily get that at under a dollar and you are paying like $8 for the eggs. well, the more i laugh, the more she stared and me and she just blamed it on the fact that it was MY FAULT because i brought her to an “expensive” place to dine.

oh wells. my starter of the caeser salad was nothing to rave about. it’s just salad. my steak was tender and juicy, paired with shallot sauce (yummy stuff) and i promptly wolfed it down. hungry girl you know?

the whole experience was nice and pleasant, with great attentive service. but we sorta felt short-changed because i had to pay an additional $10 for my steak (which i have NO idea about, and the server didn’t inform when i placed the order). Also, it was also a dumb day cos we payed $10 for a bottle of still water. blamed it on me because i happily replied still when they presented the trick question – sparkling or still. and i replied without a thought only to realise 5 mins later that SHUCKS. i have to pay.

so ya, that’s $20 bucks down the drain and the lunch turned out to be about $112. definitely will be back for the food, but maybe only on special occasions. am also planning on bring der there some day. just have to watch my spending on food these days. economy’s not good, so better start saving for the rainy days.

oh, check out the last picture. i even took a picture of the toilet mirror! hee.

and ever wondered why it is called a rabbit hole?


because the path leads people to alfresco seating where (i think) people can chill and drink – drinking hole, so thus the name rabbit hole. do you think i am right?


time to get dressed and head out for a full month’s party!

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