the plans of hitting downtown yesterday was ruined by huge droplets of water falling down the seattle sky. i ended staying at home most of the time. popped out for a little while to head for a nearby marshalls for some shopping (again!).

supposed to head to dinner with uncle but we waited for ages and couldnt get hold of him. turns out, he was so knackered that he fell asleep and forgot about 2 hungry person. aunt decided that while uncle can have his rest, we’ll eat the leftovers and watever’s in the fridge. the day is pretty much spent and i was so tired, i couldnt keep my eyes open to read the daily chats with the Ljers.

i actually tumbled my way upstairs and crawled into bed!

* yawns *

here’s some pictures of the night before, when i was out with uncle alone in downtown.

we had Denny’s for dinner. the T-bone is so GOOD! and cheap. ok, not that cheap, but any steak under usd$10 is cheap to me!

and cos i decided to be touristy and wanted to find out more abt pioneer square, uncle drove me around and have me tour the places i wanted to go.

p/s: the pics aint well taken cos the wind was too strong for me to hold my camera still for a night mode. i actually felt my butt sway to the wind when i was at the pier!! gosh. really really Really strong winds.