The past weekend has been really packed! Its filled with loads and loads of activities and I spent Saturday afternoon meeting up with the athletics team of my secondary school days. Yes. I belong to the athletics team though I know I dont look like it (or run like it now for that matter) but I am and I also happen to be the captain. Those were my glory days. You can go ahead and laugh your socks off.

Here’s my little family with my ex-athletics teacher, who I always knew as miss lum (back in school) and now, mrs lim.

Here’s jerry with some cookie bits on his face. I think he had fun interacting with the rest of the kids/babies.

The whole bunch of us just hung around, chill, chatted and got updates about everyone’s lives. I always feel a bit outta place because everyone else is my junior and I seldom train along them. My training regime was much worse and torturous than theirs because my teacher then was a budding new teacher all raring to impact her newly acquired training skills from the school of NIE where she then recently graduated from. It was a pain. The training, but it was good because she managed to train the team into winning a nationals medal back then. Those were the days. I missed them really. Pain was something that we kept going back for, like some kind of drug.

I miss my peers but everyone moved on and I hardly see them anymore, but this bunch of juniors are quite closely knitted and often meet up. I love an afternoon chilling out with them over home-made bruchettas and fried beehoon. We used to meet only once a year during cny, so this year is special since we did one during christmas too! The bunch has grown to include a lot of kids and babies! My teacher’s son is already secondary two!

It’s been 18 years since I started training under her. Gosh, I feel really old!

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